Consulting enables the organisation’s people and processes to complement each other for mutual growth


Counselling provides an opportunity to engage in a dialogue to explore your current issues and gain new perspectives

About Me

Beverley Kennedy

Director of B.E.V. Consulting T/A Engaging Dialogue


Welcome to my website!

Are you at a point in your life where you are questioning, curious and wondering about your journey this far? Is it more confidence, meaningful connections, greater acceptance and purposeful work that perhaps you are pursuing? If these questions resonate with you, we can work together to enhance your personal and professional journey, through your personal ‘Beliefs, Empowerment & Vision’.


Something to ponder

We don’t receive wisdom we must discover it for ourselves. After a journey, that no one can take for us, or spare us.

Marcel Proust

Successful Stories

Head of Learning at Coles Supermarkets (Australia) Pty Ltd


“I have known Bev Kennedy for in excess of 17 years in both a professional and personal capacity; throughout that time I have found Bev to be a highly professional and reliable person who devotes herself to the personal growth and development of those she coaches and mentors. Executives and managers who have benefited from Bev’s work over the years have found her to be both engaging and inspiring.

From a personal perspective I have found the mentoring and coaching I have received from Bev in my professional development to be both helpful and supportive.”

Martin Duffy

Head of Training – Specsavers (Asia/Pac)


Bev, has been an invaluable mentor and coach in both my professional and personal life. Bev always has your best interest at heart and helps you logically assess your situation, ascertain what you would like to achieve and help you develop ethical and effective steps to take. She has helped me in my darkest times see the light and bought me back to reality when I was reaching some lofty heights. Even when Bev isn’t around she is always present, always available at the end of the phone or for a catch-up, but more so she makes you think, reflect and digest at many occasions thinking “what would Bev say or ask or do”?  Bev comes with a wealth of knowledge and a unique way of helping you learn. Her business approach and level head always make her coaching session balanced and productive. I would be more than happy to promote Bev to anyone who is seeking her guidance and coaching. We are all blessed to have Bev in our lives, and I know many people that are as thankful as me.

Danny Ginsberg

Acting Director – ASRC Innovation Hub – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


My coaching sessions with Bev have always been productive, rejuvenating and inspiring. Bev has worked with me for 18 months and has been supportive and dedicated in helping me make improvements in both my professional and personal life. I have greatly benefited from her wisdom, spirit and generosity. Her approach is inquisitive, nurturing and non-judgemental. I always look forward to my sessions with Bev which give me much needed insight into challenges I am facing and bring joy to my day.

Courtney Green

Chief Financial Officer, Officeworks Ltd – Melbourne


“Bev was an important part of the turnaround story at Officeworks following Wesfarmers acquisition of the business in 2007.  Her ability to work with many of our developing leaders and take them to another level reflected the passion she has for the subject matter.  Bev’s approach was very much one centred on ‘tough love’ – she never let members of the team defer accountability/responsibility/blame to anyone else but she was always prepared to support and nurture them in order to help them achieve their potential.  Ultimately, Bev’s value to our organisation was measured on the leadership return we got from our investment in developing leaders.  To that end, I think Officeworks can feel very well rewarded.”

Michael Howard
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